Friday, May 9, 2014

PWS Awareness Day 9: On Doctors and Buses

Minutes after Oscar was born, our doctor proclaimed that Oscar would never ride the little yellow school bus.  His muscles were weak, but his mind would be fine

I admit I took solace in his words at the time.  But it didn't take long before the full meaning and insult of his words sunk in.  And when Oscar finally did ride that little yellow bus I wanted to send him this photo and tell him just how wrong he had been.  That I was proud of Oscar for riding that bus, by himself, home from school each day. (And that he should be careful about what he says to terrified mothers in the delivery room).

We've had to part with a couple of doctors in the past thirteen years. One for insensitive comments like this, another for his lack of willingness to consider the parental perspective.  I love the doctors who light up when they see Oscar, excited to ask him how he's doing. I love the doctors who've done their research but value input from me and Paul.  Thankfully, we've had FAR more of the latter than the former. 

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