Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Oscar and I raided the "zoo" section of the library today. I admit I was annoyed when he said he wanted to check out zoo books. He says that every time we go to the library. I snapped at him and reminded him that he's already read all of the zoo books a zillion times. He would not budge, so I caved, and searched "zoo" on the library computer. You'd think I'd have the call number memorized by now.

I'm not sure if we discovered a new stash or what, but we'd only seen two of these books before. There were some great "new" ones sitting on the shelf, including one called "Dear Bronx Zoo" featuring answers to kids' most asked questions about the Bronx Zoo. Perfect for Oscar, or what?

So, as he stood there with arms outstretched, I piled them on. Eight, ten, I'm not sure...a LOT of books, until he said the most remarkable thing.

"Enough Mom! I think that's enough!"

Since when has Oscar ever had enough of anything, especially anything to do with animals or zoos?!!


  1. What an awesome and adorable picture. I love your Big O!

  2. Mary, has Oscar looked through Zoo-ology? Gabe found that book at our library (it is a huge book full of illustrations) and I plan on ordering it for him.

    Anyway, here is the link: http://www.amazon.com/Zoo-ology-Joelle-Jolivet/dp/0761318941

    I love the picture of Oscar! I think everyone should feel the same way as Oscar about the library!

  3. I just ordered a fun-looking book: "Always lots of heinies at the zoo" by Ayun Halliday.

  4. Good things for reading in the EARLY morning, perhaps? =)
    That photo might be a good advertisement for the public library! I'm a huge fan of libraries, too.

  5. thanks for the great book ideas...and yes, he will most definitely be reading them early in the morning, Karen!

    Elizabeth -- how did you know we call him Big O? One of our favorite nicknames...!

  6. Truly, that is one of the best pictures of any kid ever!

    And hey, I don't know if you'll want to share this with Oscar or make sure not to, but did you see the story about the family that visited 52 zoos in 52 weeks?