Wednesday, August 5, 2009

5 Hours

I had 5 hours to myself today. It was rather remarkable, all that time, with no one whining or perseverating or questioning my every move. I was tempted to feel guilty but I shoved those thoughts aside and tried to just enjoy. Of course, I had many errands to do -- photocopies, drop-offs, returns, shopping, etc, in preparation for our trip East, but I got to do it all alone.

We're leaving Friday for a week in Sea Isle City NJ, where my brother and I will amicably argue over the air conditioning (I'm a windows open, ocean breezes gal, he's a full blast fake air guy), but my lovely sister in law is letting us have the better bedroom so I'm going to try to suck it up this year. We'll eat lots of shellfish, but I won't try clamming -- the bay swallowed my left Keen 3 years ago and Paul peed his pants laughing at me and my muck-covered legs. We'll spend long days at the beach playing in the waves, building sand castles, and sitting under umbrellas with books. I already feel the pull of the sea and it's salty crashing waves.

After Sea Isle, we'll head to CT to spend time with Paul's family on Woodridge Lake. The cool(er) mornings are perfect for long walks and thanks to excellent planning on the part of Paul's sister, I will have some time to myself, to exercise, read, and perhaps even write while Ruby and her beloved big cousin keep two babysitters on their toes with their antics. Paul will only spend the weekend with us before returning to CA for work. I'll stay on with the kids, and take a little trip up to NH to visit my dear college friend and her family. I'm excited for Ruby to romp with B's three girls, one exactly her age. And I'm especially excited to introduce Abe to my alma mater. I'm not sure why -- I don't want him to go there...I just want to share it with him where Paul and I met, where we went to college.

There's lots of packing to do, and I don't seem to be able to just toss a bunch of shirts and shorts/skorts into a bag and be done with it. I have to try it all on and see if it still fits. This past year of little exercise and too much good food hasn't helped. And I don't wear these warm weather clothes so often in Berkeley so I practically have to dust them off. But I will push forward and get the bulk done tonight as tomorrow I'm going to be raising a glass of champagne with my wonderful friend W to celebrate her birthday and her new house and then racing off to hear Vicki Forman read from her newly released memoir This Lovely Life. I can't wait! And now that I think about it, that means I'll have another 5 or so hours sans enfants tomorrow too!


  1. Your upcoming trip sounds GREAT! Keep your shoes on and have a wonderful time!!!

  2. Have a wonderful time, Mary. It's sounds peaceful and good and I hope it turns out that way!

  3. Wonderful! I'm so happy to read of these great family plans. You deserve time to's vitally important. And yet those times of togetherness that are coming soon will be very sweet indeed. Enjoy the salty air & lake time!