Thursday, July 11, 2013

Ah, Summer

Doesn't he look relaxed?

Oscar's school let out on June 28th, finally, a full three weeks later than he's accustomed to.  He managed the longer school year well, only bordering on tears when certain siblings taunted him with their beginning and mid-June releases.  He bought into the story that the school year was longer so they could fit in all the amazing field trips, including an all-school "olympics" in a beautiful redwood park, a class trip to a local beach and pool, and a mini golf excursion.  (Yep, it's a fun school!) 

Oscar thrived this first year of middle school.   His teachers were energetic and creative and he came home pumped up about everything from Chinese dynasties to salmon spawning.  He was placed in slower-paced math and language arts classes since his processing speed rivals that of a snail.  But he was a champ and worked hard, cheering on his classmates too through tricky problems in math and occasionally taking a lead in History discussions. 

And this was O's first year without an aide. With great food security, a small environment, plenty of structure, many layers of academic and social scaffolding, not to mention a whole emotional wellness team, he managed beautifully. 

Now we're relaxing into summer.   Oscar begged to see his learning specialist over the summer, so he is there twice a week working on writing and math, his favorite.   He's taking swimming lessons again and boy do I hope this is the year he nails side breathing so he can swim in the deep end and get across the pool without touching down.  And he's reading, a ton.  The kid who couldn't "walk and talk" is now walking and reading.

(Yes he's carrying two Harry Potter books.  Didn't want to be without book 3 when he finished book 2.)


  1. Such fantastic news AND photos, Mary! It is good to catch up on your beautiful family --

  2. What a joy to come here and read this happy posting. Thank you for sharing Oscar's progress and successes with us.

  3. It is so wonderful to hear stories of success! I have shared your post with our followers on the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center's PWS Facebook page. Feel free to check it out here:

  4. Love your post, Mary! Hope Oscar, Ruby, and Abe have a great summer!

  5. It literally seems as though Oscar took to the school year ending later then the other children all in good fun. This school of his sounds like it is full of interesting things. I think that if all schools had teachers and activities like Oscar’s then we may see a big change in the progress of other children as well.

  6. He’s a wizard in the making! Very few of his age have a knows-it-all attitude. Keep it up!