Monday, April 22, 2013

"S" is for Siblings (Write On, Mamas!)

I'm over at Write On, Mamas! today with the "S" post in the A-Z blog campaign. Be sure to check out all the letters of the alphabet and poke around the site a bit.  You will love the writing and the clever photographs that accompany each letter.

I finally joined Write On, Mamas! a year ago when my then new friend J practically dragged me. J won't remember it that way - she'll just remember me asking to carpool with her or something.  She didn't know then that every few months I'd pull up the website for the previous incarnation of WOM and think about emailing the coordinator.  I did a lot of thinking. I never emailed.  I never went to a meeting. But now I stake out those Sundays, leave my family in the midst of important Sunday afternoon activities (like baseball watching and weed pulling) and get myself over to Marin.  I find a spot at a table and I write, surrounded by other mamas just trying to get some words on the page.  After an hour or so we pull our chairs together for announcements, and then we are joined by our guest speaker. Last month we were treated to a panel of our own members sharing thoughts on building a platform.  And we also cheered on a few writers who auditioned for Lit Crawl in October.  I was blown away by the writing, and also by how much writing these women squeeze in between all the mothering and, in many cases, working.  I refuse to consider what took me so long.  I'm just glad I finally got there!


  1. Lovely. What a sweet moment between bros. It's always nice to catch (and hold onto) one of those, rather than all the bickering.

    And what a great resource is Write On, Mamas! Wish there was something like that around here.

  2. Mary--you're one of those mothers who amazing pulls in all this writing while mothering! Glad you needed to carpool! :-)