Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Last week I submitted an essay to the Children's Hospital Notes and Words Essay Contest and I just found out it was chosen as a semi-finalist, one of 18 essays out of the 220 submitted.  I am ecstatic!

As part of the semi-finalist round essays are posted to the Notes and Words facebook page where readers can vote.  Here is the link to my essay.  Gone by Mary Hill  If you like it, please LIKE it, and pass it along for others to read as well.  The more people that read it the better!

As you will see, it is an intense essay. I struggled with submitting, and now circulating, an essay on such a difficult topic.  However, I also feel strongly that people experience a wide range of feelings around having a child/sibling with a disability and while it might not resonate with everyone I do hope that it will help some, perhaps even a sibling or two. I did change the names of my kids, and I did get permission (multiple times) from my oldest to share his sentiments.

Thank you all, in advance, for reading, and for LIKE(ing) and sharing if you like!


  1. Congratulations Mary. Perhaps I am very biased, but I love your writing. It is always so real, so honest, so moving. And for the first time, my world does not seem so unusual! Thank you!

  2. Congratulations, Mary! I'm going over to read it now.

  3. Way to go Mary! We're featuring your Blog and short story on our Vanderbilt Prader-Willi Syndrome Research Facebook page today. We thought you and your fans might want to check it out.

    View our post about your story here: