Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Kind of Mom..

Yes, I am the kind of mom who dictates spelling words to her kid in a restaurant while waiting for the food to arrive.  Gotta squeeze the homework in sometime, and that gets tricky when O takes a power nap like he did today. He looks happy though doesn't he? Or maybe it's proud.

Ruby wanted homework too, so I dictated a sentence for her to write and illustrate in her "napkin book".
It turns out that I am also the kind of mom who asks the kindergarten teacher for homework.  I did, I really did, because each night, as soon as the boys start on theirs, Ruby begs me to make up some for her too.  She wants so badly to be big...and I really love that she isn't, yet.


  1. When M was in kindergarten he got sent home these homework packets every week that we struggled and fought and cried over every night, until finally, after months of this, at the parent-teacher-conference, I meekly said, "That homework, it's a little stressful..." and the teacher said, "Oh that? You don't have to do that, I just send it home because some of the kids who have older siblings want homework too." I could have cried (and kicked her for not letting me know sooner that it was optional!) The twins wanted to do homework, too the first few days of kindergarten, but they seem to have gotten over the urge.

  2. You're the kind of mom that is exceptional. Truly. And your kids are, too. Those faces!

  3. Oh what a great post! In our house, at the park, in the restaurant, or walking to and from school, my life has become a spelling bee of sorts. Gabe asks me to spell his endless list of words. So, our roles are reversed from yours but I totally get where you're coming from!