Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Baby Rides the Short Bus

I finally got to listen to last Friday's KQED Forum hosted by Dave Iverson with guests Shannon Des Roches Rosa, Jennifer Byde Myers and Sarah Talbot talking about their lives and contributions to their new book:

My Baby Rides the Short Bus: The Unabashedly Human Experience of Raising Kids with Disabilities

I highly recommend you listen to this:

Whether you have a kid with special needs or would like to understand or support a family who does, this is a great show.

And then go buy the book of course!

You can also follow Shannon and Jennifer's blogs, like me. (And who wouldn't like to be just like me?)

Also, due to popular demand, I finally installed an email feedy thing.  Enter your email address in the little white box down on the right hand side to get a very nicely formatted email whenever I post.   (But don't forget to come back here to leave your comments!)


  1. thanks for the email feedy thing!

    i really enjoyed the forum with the contributors from "my baby rides the short bus" - i can't wait to read the entire book. they made such important points, i especially enjoyed the part about the "great mom" compliments, and the recognition that we fight not only for our own kids, but for the kids of the parents who cannot fight for them.

  2. Thanks for the link! And I have an essay in it as well!

  3. M2- Yes! I should have put that all in my post...I was hurrying. And Elizabeth -- I KNEW that and spaced when I was writing this. My apologies!

  4. Mary, I hope you don't mind but I posted the link to the interview on my blog as well as linking to your blog.

    Thank you! This interview comes a good time in my life. To hear other parents talk about their honest thoughts gives me validation today.