Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Three Kids and a Wedding

Winter break is over, the kids are back in school, and I finally have a moment to send out a post.

We arrived home yesterday from a quick trip to New Jersey for Elizabeth (Paul's cousin) and David's wedding.  Ruby was one of three flower girls and Abe and Oscar were ring bearers.    
Ruby took her cousin A's arm as they walked down the aisle.  Check out those proud smiles!

Abe and Oscar handed out tissues to the guests on their way down the aisle.  Oscar was a little slower but Abe waited for him so naturally, so patiently.

Elizabeth was glowing, and her dad (Uncle Mike) looked so calm!

Paul's sister Susan is a newly ordained Episcopal priest and she performed the wedding ceremony -- her very first one. She was awesome! I think I'd probably start going to (her) church if we lived closer.

Elizabeth and David make a wonderful couple and our kids just adore them.  Elizabeth is holding her niece "Baby F"...the star attraction, after the bride of course. 

At the reception we danced and danced and danced...till nearly midnight. The wedding party all received black converse sneakers as gifts from David and Elizabeth and wore them as their dancing shoes.

Oscar made it through the whole reception, falling asleep only toward the end. He tolerated the loud music, the tuxedo, fancy shoes, walking down the aisle and then later being introduced on the dance floor.  He did it all with such ease and grace that I almost forgot that so many of these things can be hard for him, especially when he is sleep deprived.  He was so thrilled, so honored, to be part of the wedding that he happily went along with all that was asked.  He didn't want to dance much, and that was ok, but I got him to play drums with his butter knife to some of the more rockin' songs.

It was a wonderful wedding!


  1. That does look wonderful, and I love the idea of the black Converse shoes as gift -- it's amazing how cool people are these days, right?

  2. Sounds like fun!
    Love the picture of the high tops and dress clothes.

  3. Beautiful photos, and wonderful memories. Your children are so very lovely. I'm thankful that you were able to share this experience as a family. The love & joy is visible on everyone's face.

  4. ah, looks wonderful. OUr kids always surprise us don't they.

  5. What a great series of pictures! I love the baseball shoes!