Thursday, July 9, 2009

Ruby Chuckles

So much of what I write about Ruby has to do with my frustration, angst and uncertainty over her temperament and food obsessions. She's a fiery little kid who likes to be in control and has a quick temper, but she is also hilarious and a source of great joy.

Yesterday, I was busy chopping veggies for our dinner salad while Abe was emptying the dishwasher ( I just had to sneak that in there...with baseball sadly on break for a few days I am cooking and Abe has time for chores.) Anyway, Ruby and Oscar were in the living room and Ruby had somehow convinced Oscar to engage in some non-zoo imaginary play. I wasn't paying too much attention -- after all they were occupied, together, and not fighting. But there were clues that she had The Three Little Pigs on the brain. She had built a tiny house for one with couch pillows, and there was vague talk of a wolf.

Now Oscar is not a particularly loud kid, so Abe and I shared a brow-raising glance when Oscar bellowed in a deep booming voice, very very unlike his own sweet tone, "And I'll HUFF and I'll PUFF and I'll BLOOOOOOW your house DOWN." And then, immediately following, before the "n" in "down" had stopped ringing in my ear we heard Ruby's impatient ever-controlling reply, "OSCAR! You're not BLOWING!" Abe and I erupted into hushed giggles in the kitchen.

And then today, she had us in fits again. Ruby is creative and bold, and insists on doing everything herself, her way. She chooses her own outfits -- brightly colored polka dots layered with stripes in a different color scheme. She buckles her own seat belt no matter how late we are, must pack her own backpack, and pinches 4 or 5 barrettes into her uncombed hair then admires herself in the mirror. She's also incredibly perceptive and sensitive. So any suggestions or corrections, if not carefully handled, can easily end in a tantrum.

So, today, when she ran from her bedroom yelling, "Look, Mommy, I put on my badysuit all by myself!" it took every ounce of self-control to congratulate her without a hint of a smile. She stood proudly while I snapped her picture.


  1. TOO CUTE!!! Yep, I imagine you had to scrounge for self-control on that one.

    How proud Miss Ruby is :)


  2. I am shaking with laughter -- I think Ruby would make a fine wife for Oliver, actually, although they might be a scary duo...

  3. Fantastic! Hopefully she's not starting a fashion trend there.

  4. Adorable! I remember Stella doing the same thing a few years ago (though I don't think I was able to control my laughter!)

  5. I love this! Thank you for sharing the photos and stories.

  6. You know, there are some beaches, around the world, that would welcome that new badysuit style! ;)

    Oh boy I can't stop giggling!

    Ruby is ADORABLE!