Sunday, April 5, 2009

Ruby in Charge

My parents are visiting from Philadelphia and offered to stay with the kids tonight so Paul and I could go to the movies. As we were leaving, my dad, "Pappap", announced jokingly, "Ok, Pappap's in charge!" The boys were unfazed, but not Ruby.

See, Ruby thinks Ruby is in charge. Always.

She headed straight to her art table, grabbed a piece of paper and wrote this:

Yes, Nana helped her with the spelling. But still...she's only FOUR.

She used two different pairs of scissors, straight and scalloped, to cut out her note, fished through the kitchen drawer for the tape, and marched back into the family room where Pappap was watching the Michigan St. v. Connecticut game. Without glancing at him, she taped her note on the cabinet next to the TV so he couldn't miss it and left the room.

I know it's really very funny but I still couldn't help shaking my head in my hands wondering where this strong-willed young girl will take us.

Ruby Ruby Ruby!


  1. Ah... my mantra is "how do flynn get them to 23?" at that point, this determination and strength will be so helpful... until then, the mountain path will be steep... nice to know others are going up this path as well...

  2. Mary - I am nearly speechless at the greatness of this story. Absolutely beautiful.